Choosing a Place for Building a Greenhouse

Since few of us can afford the use of energy-intensive production technologies for heating a greenhouse, the main thing to be guided by when choosing a place for its greenhouse is the maximum use of solar heat and light. This means that you need to use the site space as efficiently as possible and choose the most convenient place for the greenhouse.

Before you build a greenhouse with your own hands, you need to make sure that the structure is very well lit. It is also important that it be protected from the harsh, especially cold north wind. You can arrange a greenhouse near the hut, a building for storing sand, etc. It is desirable that it is not in the depths of the site, at a great distance from the apartment building, but is constantly in sight.

It is better to orient the structure from west to east so that the sun illuminates its entire area as long as possible.

But often the choice of a place under the greenhouse is limited by the capabilities of the site. If there is not enough space and you have to save it, you can build greenhouses not detached, but attached to the house, hozblok, etc.

The place reserved for the greenhouse should be open to sunlight as long as possible, preferably throughout the day.

The greenhouse, oriented from east to west, will be the best lit at noon when the sun is at its zenith, which means it will get the maximum heat. But then again, if there is no such place on the site, preference should be given to areas illuminated by the sun in the morning, before noon.

It is at this time that the air is coldest, and under the morning rays of the sun, plants in the greenhouse will warm up faster. The sooner the heating of the greenhouse begins, the faster it will warm up in the evening. In the sense of using solar energy, this arrangement of the greenhouse is much more effective than installing it in a shady place where the sun appears only after lunch because in this case, the greenhouse will warm up much longer.

In order to make the greenhouse as the correct technology suggests, it is not recommended to install it in an open place, since the sealed coating material will be very cooled under the pressure of wind and drafts. This means that inside the greenhouse the temperature will fall. Therefore, in open areas, it is advisable to protect the greenhouse from the wind by artificial obstacles – protective plantings, wattle, tents, etc

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