Features and Benefits of Polycarbonate Greenhouses

Before, agriculture lovers had no choice but to plant vegetables and various plants in a glass greenhouse. But progress does not stand still, so today polycarbonate structures can be seen more often in personal plots.

Gardeners know that a greenhouse is needed to get early and high yields. This became possible due to the creation of suitable conditions for plant growth inside it. A polycarbonate greenhouse is very popular because it has excellent characteristics.

Polycarbonate is known to have low thermal conductivity. This feature of the material allows you to maintain the most suitable temperature for plants at any time of the year, even in autumn or hot summers.

Also, such structures have excellent light transmission, which is 90%. The special structure of polycarbonate allows only to use solar radiation to pass into the greenhouse. At the same time, light fluxes are evenly distributed throughout the entire structure, providing the necessary photosynthesis of plants.

Polycarbonate is a fairly solid material, the strength of which is two hundred times greater than that of glass. The walls of the greenhouse, whose thickness is only 4 mm, will be difficult to destroy even with a hammer, and it is completely impossible to do this with the usual physical impact. The increased strength of polycarbonate eliminates the possibility of destruction of the greenhouse during hail, heavy rain or other adverse conditions.

An experienced gardener usually carefully selects various products for the garden, so it is no less important for him in what conditions his plants will be kept. Polycarbonate greenhouses are the best solution to date. To the above advantages, we can add that the material, being quite durable, has a very lightweight. Therefore, whatever the load-bearing arcs of the greenhouse are made of, they will, in any case, withstand polycarbonate sheets. The base of the structure can even be made of aluminum, which does not rust over time. The lightness of the materials used in the construction of the greenhouse will make it mobile – easily moving throughout the homestead.

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