Greenhouses and Hotbeds: Differences and Purpose

All gardeners, of course, at least in general terms represent why greenhouses and greenhouses are needed in a summer cottage.

However, many are confused in terms and do not understand what is the difference between a greenhouse and a greenhouse, and yet there is a difference, and quite a substantial one. In order to dot the “i” once and for all and clearly understand why this or that design is needed, carefully read this material.

What Is a Greenhouse and a Greenhouse, What Is the Difference Between Them

Both the greenhouse and the greenhouse belong to the structures of the protected ground. And before you figure out how the greenhouse differs from the greenhouse, you need to understand what is protected ground?

The popular encyclopedic dictionary gives the following definition of the concept of “protected ground”. These are constructions with natural (sun, biofuel) or technical heating, in which seedlings are grown, as well as vegetable and flower crops in order to obtain high-yielding products and extend their consumption.

Protected ground structures include greenhouses (wooden or metal structures), glazed or film-coated, greenhouses (pits with piping or ducts, sheathed with frames or film), tunnel and frame structures (wire or plastic arches and gable frames covered with film, and also frameless structures (ridge or ridge, covered with a film).

So, the answer to the question “what is a greenhouse” is obvious: this is the construction of a protected grant. Greenhouse designs are very diverse: from metal and wood, coated with glass or polycarbonate, or cheaper materials are used – polymer films. These are polyethylene heat-holding films (compounding 108-08, 108-143), polyvinyl chloride film GOST 16272-70, Svetlitsa film, reinforced film, Oasis bubble film and many others.

Thus, greenhouses are cultivation facilities in which a person can be located, providing all the work related to sowing and caring for plants.

Micro-greenhouses are nothing more than a reduced model of a greenhouse, which can have one side, placed towards the fence or simply on the south side. It can be heated greenhouses for growing seedlings or for green cuttings.

And what is a greenhouse in the classical sense? A greenhouse is a small structure of protected ground with a side fence made of various materials and a translucent roof. Greenhouses are divided into pit and land. Each of them is divided into single-slope and gable. In other words, the walls of the greenhouse are low, opaque and the roof without frills is a classic version of the greenhouse.

Understanding the difference between greenhouses and hotbeds, each gardener has his own view on what the protected ground structures should be like.

Some are content with modest greenhouses and simple film shelters. Others strive to acquire more reliable facilities in order to guarantee a harvest of vegetables in any weather.

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