Growing a Monstera Plant at Home: How to Care for a Flower

Accommodation. Monstera’s home plant loves ambient light. To place the monstera, you should choose a bright place, protected from direct sunlight. It can not be placed under the scorching rays of the sun or in a dark place. The air temperature in the room should not fall below 18 ° C. Monstera gets used to any temperature, but for normal growth she needs freedom, that is, a container with this plant (usually a tub) must be kept in a large spacious room.

An important condition for growing monstera is placing the plant away from batteries, radiators and opening transoms (cold air can cause freezing of leaves).

Monstera blooms rarely and only subject to all the rules of care. In winter, the plant needs additional lighting, otherwise, the growth of the leaves will slow down and the stem will twist.

Under the influence of direct sunlight, the leaves fade and become covered with yellow spots. It grows poorly in the shade. The best place to grow a monster is the east and west windows.

Temperature. In winter, the temperature should be around 15-21 ° C. At higher temperatures, the leaves will curl and fall.

Substrate. The substrate for the monstera is prepared from sheet soil, peat, humus and sand (4: 2: 2: 1).

Watering. When caring for a flower at home, Monstera needs regular watering, in the summer a little more plentiful. From early spring to late autumn, the monstera needs abundant watering and regular spraying. To ensure increased humidity, a vessel with water can be placed next to the monster.

When growing monstera at home, you need to ensure that the soil mixture in the pot does not dry out. With excessive moisture, the plant loses its leaves. In winter, watering should be reduced, avoiding the drying of an earthen coma.

Topdressing. When caring for a monster indoor flower during a period of increased growth (March-August), twice a month, flower fertilizers should be applied.

Transplant. Young plants need to be replanted annually in more spacious containers. An adult monstera does not need a transplant for several years. In adult specimens, the top layer of the substrate is replaced every year.

To plant a plant, it is necessary to prepare a soil mixture consisting of three parts of turf, one part of leafy soil and one part of sand. As a drainage layer, chopped shards should be placed on the bottom of the pot.

Monstera will be more powerful and strong if air roots are sprinkled with earth or placed in a tube filled with wet moss and peat.

To take care of the monstera plant correctly, as practice shows, the liana needs support.

The main pests of this plant are whiteflies and scale insects. With improper care, dying of leaves is possible. Insufficient lighting negatively affects the condition of the whole plant.

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