HESI Fertilizers from Holland

HESI Fertilizers from Holland: growth, color, quality. 100% success!
Hesi fertilizers are unique in their own way. Applying competent management, Hesi maintains its quality brand at low prices. And the development continues! The installation of the new laboratory is a step in the right direction for Hesi and soon, the larger factory will enable the company to offer customers an even better and better service. Maybe you need weed cloning gel?

Recent developments  Hesi – kontsetraty hydroponic and coconut fiber – these are full of nutrients, and therefore the results are very promising.

The special characteristics give the nutrient solution a flexibility, thanks to which it can, for example, equalize the acidity of the soil pH to the desired one. The high chelate content guarantees optimal and constant availability of all nutrients. Hesi maximizes results and is easy to use.

Through intensive research on the secrets of plant metabolism, Hesi has developed an optimal vitamin composition for each phase of the plant’s life cycle. These vitamins are added to the nutrient solution and stimulate the growth of energy and plant growth. As a result, plants grow and flower with the least effort, making gardening in general easier.

Today, Hesi has developed into a thriving international company and is no longer known only to a narrow circle of growers. Since its inception, high quality has remained Hesi’s most recognized nutritional trait.

Hesi Fertilizers is the name of a magical plant recipe that has proven to meet the needs of both the plant and the grower.

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