How to Choose the Right Greenhouse Design

When choosing a greenhouse, first of all, you need to evaluate your desires and plans with the available capabilities. If you do not live in the country in the spring and summer, constantly, then it is better to stop using greenhouses or insulated soil. The operation of greenhouses usually requires an almost daily presence. However, craftsmen have already developed automation systems for ventilation and irrigation in the greenhouse, which allow the owner to leave for several days without damage to the plants.

When choosing a greenhouse design, you first need to understand what it will be used for. If you are going to grow seedlings in it for sale, and vegetables in the second turn, then you need to build a transplanting greenhouse that provides hardening.

Before choosing a greenhouse, keep in mind that not all protected ground structures are suitable for growing seedlings. The fundamental difference between greenhouses for preparing seedlings for the open ground is the ability to provide temperature, air and light hardening of seedlings in them for 10 days before planting. To do this, the area of ​​the ventilation openings should be at least 25-30% of the area of ​​the fence, preferably from the sides when the greenhouses are oriented from north to south. Such ventilation allows the temperature in the greenhouse to be no more than 1 ° C higher than in open ground during seedling hardening and to provide good ventilation and gradual irradiation of seedlings in direct sunlight during the day. Thus, conditions are created that are as close as possible to conditions in the open ground.

After you have chosen a greenhouse, you need to choose the right site for the placement of greenhouses.

The success of the operation of structures, first of all, depends on the correct choice of site. The best are well-lit areas with small southern or southeastern slopes, with light cultivated soils. On the north side or on the side of the prevailing winds, it is desirable to have protection for the construction in the form of forests or structures. You can not place greenhouses and hotbeds near haystacks, straw, as they are the sources of the appearance of rodents.

For better lighting, film structures are located on the long side from north to south. The choice of the type of cultivation facilities depends on the tasks and opportunities.

The final section of the article gives recommendations on what material it is better to choose a greenhouse for a summer cottage.

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