Milky Mushrooms: Euphorbia

Milky mushrooms got their name in the form of a peculiar juice in the form of milk on the cut or when the hat is broken. It is a white, inviscid fluid that undergoes changes outdoors. It usually has a spicy, burning taste. A characteristic feature of this is mainly for edible mushrooms, which are used for pickling and canning. On this page, you can learn about some milky mushrooms.

Milk Juice of Mushrooms and Milkwort with Photo

The hat is 6-12 cm in diameter, fleshy, convex, then concave, with it tucked up at first, then raised, straight, sharp, smooth edge. The skin is dry, initially velvety, then almost naked, smooth, dark red-brown, brown-brown, red, can become rusty-ocher or light yellow, without zones. The plates are attached, shortly descending, frequent, wide, forked from the legs, with plates, cream, turning brown when wounded. The milky juice of the mushrooms is white, gradually turns brown in the air, thickens and becomes viscous, like rubber. Leg 6-8 x 1-2 cm, often narrowed at the bottom, solid, made, pubescent, of the same color with a hat. The pulp is dense, white, yellowish, turns brown in the air, tastes fresh, the smell resembles the smell of pear flowers. The spore powder is white.

The fungus mildew forms an association with oak (Quercus L.), common hazel (Corylus avellana L.) and spruce (Picea A. Dietr.). It grows in deciduous and mixed forests, in large groups, often in August – October. Edible.

Euphorbia Mushroom and His Photo

The cap is 5-10 cm in diameter, fleshy, funnel-shaped, initially with a tucked up, then a straight, slightly wavy, sharp, smooth edge. The peel in wet weather is sticky, then dry, naked, smooth, light ocher, ocher-yellow, cream, with age it becomes orange or reddish, closer to the edge with zones. The plates are descending, frequent, narrow, with plates, white, cream. The milky juice is white, does not change in the air, tastes sharp or pungent.

Leg 2-4 x 1-2 cm, cylindrical, hollow, solid, dry, naked, smooth, white or slightly creamy ocher, with small gaps.

The flesh is hard, hollow, white, in mature specimens, it is buffy, sharp in taste, without a special smell. Spore powder is buffy.

Euphorbia fungus forms an association with birch (Betula L.) and oak (Quercus L.). It grows in coniferous and mixed forests, in small groups, infrequently, in July – September. Edible.

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