The Main Types of Greenhouses: Description

In accordance with the technological requirements of the greenhouse are divided according to purpose, a period of operation, method of growing crops. Depending on the building requirements, greenhouses are distinguished by the number of spans and slopes, the type of supporting structures and the material of the fencing.

According to the designation, greenhouses are distinguished from vegetable and transplant vegetables. The type of greenhouse intended for growing flowers is commonly called greenhouses.

According to the period of operation, greenhouses are divided into winter, which can be used throughout the year, and spring, which are operated in spring, summer, autumn. As a rule, spring greenhouses come with a film, winter – with a glazed and polymer coating.

According to the main method of cultivation, soil types of greenhouses are distinguished, in which plants are grown on soil mixtures, and soilless, in which plants are grown by hydroponic and aeroponic methods. In the hydroponic method, artificial substrates are the root habitat, and plant nutrition is carried out using aqueous solutions of mineral salts. Hydroponics is a promising method for the modern production of vegetables, since it meets the requirements of industrial production to a greater extent than the soil greenhouse, providing a higher culture and labor productivity, especially in low-volume modifications. With the aeroponic method, plants are grown in moist air, periodically spraying the roots with a nutrient solution.

By the number of openings and slopes, greenhouses are divided into multi-span (block) and single-span (hangar). The block type is the main one in areas south of 55 ° north latitude, where large snowfalls are extremely rare. It has a number of advantages over the hangar – reducing heat loss and the cost of construction, more rational use of communications.

According to the description of the supporting structures, frame and frameless greenhouses are distinguished. Widespread practical use received frame greenhouses.

According to the material of the fence, the greenhouses are divided into glazed (sheet and profile glass) and plastic (polymer films, various plastics). For the industrial production of vegetables throughout the year, block glazed greenhouses with a link width of 6.4 m are most suitable.

Next, you will receive tips on how to choose the right greenhouse design.

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