Why do I need a blower in the country?

How nice to enjoy juicy fruits and berries grown on your own site. And only corns on the palms remind of the hard harvesting of fallen leaves in the garden. And this despite the fact that the market for garden equipment is replete with offers. A blower is one of them. Is it worth it to spend on such an acquisition, and what is it for? Let’s figure it out.

In order to decide on the best backpack leaf blower, you need to know a few details. Blowers are available in two versions: electric and gasoline. Networked technology is environmentally friendly, as does not emit harmful substances during fuel combustion. Its capacity is enough for work on 10-20 hundred parts. Cons: attachment to a source of electricity and contraindications for use in high humidity.

Gasoline blowers are more powerful, maneuverable, comfortable. Despite the high cost and cost of lubricant, are in great demand. Stand alone is battery-powered equipment. In terms of efficiency and productivity, it is comparable with electric ones, in cost – with gasoline ones. They have not gained much popularity.

Blowers or garden vacuum cleaners are a modern analog of the usual rake and broom. A group of models working exclusively on blowing easily cleans the area of ​​leaves, grass and small branches. Modifications, additionally equipped with a suction function, are able to collect garbage in a special bag.

Based on the configuration and design, blowers are classified into manual, backpack and wheeled. Representatives of the first group are the best option for working on a summer cottage or a country house. They are lightweight, easy to operate, cost-effective. Knapsack units are more powerful than manual ones. Due to the considerable weight, the engine is placed in a satchel and is worn by the operator behind his back during operation. Ideal for cleaning park areas or gardens with lots of trees and shrubs. As a rule, both options only

As mentioned above, a manual blower is the best option for use within a summer cottage. With its help, it is easy to clean paths from debris, collect fallen leaves and dried grass in piles for further disposal, tidy up the open terrace, and remove small debris from the lawn. In the mode of gentle operation, such assistants require a minimum of care efforts.

When choosing a blower for a summer residence, you should not be mistaken that an expensive model will work best. The high price includes additional features that may never be needed. This does not mean that it is worth choosing cheap equipment, as its quality often leaves much to be desired. True, as always, somewhere in between. Experts recommend choosing budget-friendly blowers of famous brands. They fulfill their main purpose well and are made of quality materials. Such a purchase will save time for a cup of tea with fragrant charlotte!

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