Why Do We Need Greenhouses and Hotbeds in the Country

So, why do we need greenhouses and greenhouses in the summer cottage? The main purpose of these facilities is the production of fresh vegetables, seedlings for protected and open ground.

In greenhouses, hotbeds and tunnels, hybrids of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers are grown. Greenhouse varieties and hybrids are self-fertile, parthenocarpic tolerate reduced illumination; in a word, the yield in the greenhouse is an order of magnitude higher than in the open ground, the quality and presentation are better. A greenhouse is always more expensive than the open ground, but the quantity, quality, and timing of receiving early products justify all the costs with interest and guarantee a tense, but prosperous life.

Who invests in the construction of the greenhouse, he does not throw them in vain in the wind. After all, why do we need a greenhouse in the country? First of all – it is profitable! A greenhouse is an opportunity to really save and get environmentally friendly, fresh greens and vegetables daily with the help of greenhouses.

To be or not to be a greenhouse or a greenhouse in the country? To answer this question, you must decide why you need this or that construction, for which crops, what volume of crops you would like to receive. The dimensions of the structure will depend on this. If to provide vegetables only to your family – this is one approach. If you expect to sell early products to enhance your personal, family, material well-being – a completely different approach. In the latter case, you must lay your greenhouse complex. It should be noted that here you can’t do just one greenhouse, as well as one pair of hands. We need a seedling department, and many other utility rooms, irrigation water, lighting, heating, water-soluble fertilizers, and plant protection products, growth stimulants, etc. And all this must be found, bypassing resellers, from seeds to drip irrigation. And that means having the appropriate mode of transport. But go for it, a greenhouse or a greenhouse will be beneficial in any case.

It must be remembered that this is not only employment and work from early morning until late evening. In the heat and stuffiness (after all, the temperature in the greenhouse can exceed +50 ° C on hot days), on holidays and on weekdays, to bones and falling asleep on the go. Some time will pass – plant protection, top-dressing almost by the hour, pollination and collection will be required. But to sell surplus products where will you be? It’s worthwhile to think carefully over these issues, otherwise, they just fired up with white envy for their more agile neighbor, “we’re sorry”, although there was still not enough knowledge, and there was not enough experience, and there was a disappointment. All this comes with practical experience, skills and knowledge are acquired. And that means…

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